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Why would a kitten meow be weak and raspy voiced? He has a clean bill of health from our vet and has had 2 rounds of shots, very playful, seems perfect, but when he meows it is weak and raspy. He was a stray that just showed up, so I do not know his background. 03.05.2019 · I had a cat growing up who had a non-existent meow. She basically sounded like air was leaving her throat but she produced no sound but a rasp. My Remy has the same thing. When I adopted him I thought he was hissing at me but he was actually meowing. Since I've had him he's also always had a. 28.10.2006 · the cat could be more receipted to the smoking but if its a young cat his meow could still be developing ages any were between 1 day-2 years old but he might have something stuck in his thought or in his stomach that could be coursing his meow to be raspy. Your cat has stopped meowing all of a sudden. This isn’t normal feline behavior because cats verbalize to let humans know that they want food or attention, or to express annoyance with a situation. If your cat no longer meows, check if it has a foreign object trapped in its throat. If this is not the case, your cat likely has laryngitis. Some cats develop laryngitis due to meowing too much.

Why Can’t My Cat Meow? What Causes A Cat To Stop Meowing Or Have A Raspy Or Hoarse Meow. Some feline breeds are more vocal than others by default. Take the Oriental Shorthair for example. These furballs can meow, chirp, and make all sorts of crazy sounds when they want to speak. Just adopted a 9mo cat from a rescue and she has a raspy meow. It’s cute but is it “normal”? The rescue she came from is very legit and she came fully vetted. I have a general vet exam for her on Saturday but I wanted to know if this is something anyone has experienced with their cats. cat developed raspy meow. I am not sure if they are related but after adopting an abandoned 6 week old male kitten by adult female cat has developed a raspy meow. her meow was normal and then about a week or so later her voice changed.

Cat’s Meow Sounds Strange. Q. My 7-year-old cat’s meow has changed, and now he sounds hoarse. Could you tell me why? A. There are several possible reasons for your cat’s change in voice. Viral upper respiratory infections herpes virus and/or calicivirus are a common cause. Cats with hyperthyroidism often have a hoarse meow along with weight loss. Your vet can check Fluffy's blood for this disorder. Rabies also causes hoarseness, so take your cat to the vet if there is any chance she was near a rabid animal. A prolonged bout of meowing can also cause hoarseness. How much a cat will meow depends on individual factors, but when a cat can't meow at all, there is a reason behind it. At AnimalWised, our article on ‘my cat has lost their voice’, we look at the reasons why a cat's meow is raspy or gone completely. 20.06.2010 · I bought a lizard instead. So, I just rescued a cat yesterday and he has a raspy voice as well, but it seems to be getting worse and worse. He was constantly meowing on the car ride home, but soon as he got out of the carrier, he stopped. The first meow.

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